I am the Archangel Jophiel

My name means "Beauty of God"

I am the Angel of Paradise

I am the Patron Angel of Artists

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Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of endurance, freedom of thought, wisdom, truth, beauty, and illumination of the mind and spirit. He assists us in absorbing intricate information and in dealing with complex matters, and guides us along our aspired spiritual path to enlightenment.

Jophiel shares with us his wisdom and selfless patience that will strengthen us at times when we are close to resignation, and encourages those who are wishing to make a change that seems impossible to do to keep going. He teaches that everything can be made possible.

Striving and struggling souls, continuously searching for solutions and answers will find the strong and unshakable support they need in Jophiel, which goes for spiritual matters as well as earthly problems calling for solutions. He comforts those that were denigrated and abandoned, unwearyingly staying by their side to light their way and lead them out of hopelessness and despair. Jophiel is also concerned in beautifying the planet by cleansing it of pollution and lends his assistance to those engaging in the vital mission of helping our environment.
(那 些持續不斷地尋找解釋與答案,努力抗爭、掙扎的靈魂,將會在約菲爾身上找到他們所需的堅強、無可動搖的支持,不論是在精神層面或物質問題方面。祂安慰那些 被詆毀或被遺棄的人,不怕累地支持他們,並照亮他們的道路,引領他們走出絕望。約菲爾也與淨化、美化地球有關,祂對於那些致力於環保重大使命的人提供支 持。)

A Bit of Trivia:

Jophiel is one of the two Angels assisting Michael in battle, the other being Zadkiel. Just like Gabriel and Ariel, Jophiel is sometimes referred to as female. 

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